Rotary Project 2: USA and Philippines WASH Initiative

Country: USA and Philippines
PROJECT TITLE: WASH Initiative in the Tablo Elementary School, Philippines (276 students) and the Lincoln High School, Philadelphia (360 students) that is associated with the Academy of Sciences.
Submitted by: Mayosha Pinnaduwage
PGWI Champions: Stan Laskowski and Mayosha Pinnaduwage


PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  WASH initiative – (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)

The goal of this project is to provide funds to directly support water projects located at schools in developing countries that lack an adequate and sustainable water source.  We will fund The Tablo Elementary School, located in South Cotabato Province which is a rural area in the Philippines which has 276 students.  The Lincoln High School students in the Philadelphia School District, who are administered by the Philadelphia Academy of Sciences, will partner with us.  In terms of sustainability, the NGO in the donor country has agreed to provide reports for three years showing that the facilities are still in use, maintained, clean and that soap is available for the kids to use.   In addition, the donor school provides us with attendance numbers.

It has been reported that there are significant increases in the number of children going to school after a WASH project has been completed.  According to Save the Children, the Tablo School will work in partnership with the PTCA (Parent Teacher Association) to sustain and maintain the water project.  MLGU-MENRO-MHO will provide monitoring and technical support.  The project is one of the priorities reflected in the School Improvement Plan (SIP) of Tablo ES which was formulated during a participatory development process attended by the teachers, DepEd Supervisor, PTCAs, BLGU officials and child representative from the student government.

BACKGROUND:  We hope to provide access to clean drinking water that will be available all year.  Presently, in many areas, children must walk long distances to gather water for their families, and for use in their schools.  In most cases, girls gather the water, missing many hours of valuable education.  By providing a water source at the school, children will be able to collect water at the school, water will be available for cooking school lunches and the water source will be located in a central location for most families.  Schools will also be encouraged to implement educational programs that will teach hygiene and safe water usage practices to students.  In addition, the Lincoln High School students will benefit greatly. They will learn about water, water- related issues and diseases, learn how to give power point presentations, and will connect with a wide variety of people locally and internationally.

They will have the opportunity to participate and present their project at the PGWI Conference on April 2009 and in other venues.  They will also have the chance to learn more about the lives of students in other countries.  The Lincoln High School students will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.  We hope these efforts will not only benefit students in developing countries, but will also give the Lincoln High School students the opportunity to experience a service learning project that may change the way they connect with the world.


The proposal is about the establishment of a potable water system project that will benefit a total of 276 children of Tablo Elementary School in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines. It will be done in collaboration with the Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) and the WASH program, an internationally-recognized, USA-based program to help schools in developing countries with their water/sanitation/hygiene issues.  In addition, about 250 students in Lincoln High School will benefit in terms of education, presentation skills and global connections.



      Item Unit Quantity Unit Total Price
(PI Peso)
Total Price (US $)
1. Improvement of existing intake    box Cu.m 0.82 10,212.20 8,374.00 $174
2. Main Pipeline In.m 1332 71.76 95,580.00 $1,984
3. Ground Level Reservoir Cu.m 5.184 10,613.23 55, 019.00 $1,142
      Total with 20% Cont. $4,000

Total cost of hardware is $4,000 with a 20% contingency.  The total project cost including estimated labor costs and other related costs will be in the range of $5,500.  The project costing was a result of the water source assessment and on-ground inspection conducted by a team composed of the MENRO staff, PTCA representatives and teachers using a GPS.  The budget estimates are based on the distance of the water source from the school and materials needed in renovating the intake box.

EXPERTISE AVAILABLE TO ROTARY: We will carry out the project in connection with and the contact person for H2O  for Life will be Val Johnson at and Patty Hall at The in-country NGO we are working with in the Philippines is Save the Children.  The contact person for Save the Children is Seung Lee, School Health and Nutrition Advisor, Office of Health 2000 M Street NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036, Phone: 202-261-4688. In addition, the Academy of Sciences contact person is Page Huey


  1. PGWI representatives will meet with interested Rotary Clubs to discuss the project;
  1. Rotary will raise funds with assistance from PGWI representatives as needed;
  1. Concurrently PGWI, Rotary, and other partners discuss the project with in-country partners to develop plans for construction and sustainability; and
  1. PGWI will also work with the Academy of Sciences and build a curriculum for the Philadelphia School district students on Global water and saniation education curriculum and connect with H20 for Life and start implementing the project in Tablo Elementary School, Philippines.