PGWI and CETRA Language Solutions

CETRA Language Solutions has adopted PGWI as its charity of choice and will be working with PGWI on water and sanitation issues in the developing world. The first project selected is located in Cameroon.

PGWI and the University of Pennsylvania

PGWI and the University of Pennsylvania are conducting research on performance indicators at water/sanitation projects in the developing world. The goal of this research is to identify what metrics are currently being used by organizations to measure thet success and sustainability of these projects.

If your organization has not yet been sent the survey questionnaire and would like to participate in this important study please contact Stan Laskowski at

Research & Analysis


After hearing about some of Philadelphia’s water-related history at the PGWI conference in November 2006, a representative from the UN Development Programme expressed an interest to Stan Laskowski in learning how developing urban areas could learn from Philadelphia’s experiences with wate and sanitation.

Niva Kramek and Lydia Loh of the University of Pennsylvania took on this project, and with the advice and expertise of Ed Grusheski of the Philadelphia Water Department and Adam Levine of the PWD archives, they produced this report: The History of Philadelphia’s Water Supply and Sanitation System: Lessons in Sustainability for Developing Urban Water Systems. It has been reviewed and is availible for distribution on CD or hard copy; please contact us if you are interested, or feel free to download it here. We have also created a single-page promotional flier providing slightly more details (which is nice and short and perfect for sharing!)

Many of the source documents and nearly all photos, engravings, and maps in the report came from the fantastic website historical consultant Adam Levine produces for the PWD on Philadelphia’s water and sewers history: There’s something there for everyone, and a lot for anyone interested in water & politics, water & disease, sanitation planning, and many maps, photos, and digital versions of original documents.

Current Projects and in Need of Funding

Under the recent agreement with Rotary District 7450, the following project proposals have been developed. Rotary and PGWI encourage the adoption of the projects. Please contact John Steele, Rotary District 7450. If you are interested in helping to fund any of these projects (