Letter from Angelita Fasnacht-Cuellar, PGWI President

I am pleased and honored to present to the world the Global Water Alliance. The challenges facing our communities continue to reveal themselves as the issues of income disparity, lack of infrastructure, emerging climate change and political conflict and nothing seems strong enough to stop their current pace and progress. In Spanish we have a word descarado, which translates roughly to the term two-faced in English, but with a more ironic flavor. That is a relevant word for me at this juncture, as it feels that the global conditions presented to us are descarados. On the one hand, we make huge strides in partnership and execution of excellent global water and sanitation programs.

But, oh, tan descarado es este mundo! – critical shortages of funding, continued lack of political will and new and emerging issues threaten to push back our progress. Now, are we up for this challenge? The answer is a vibrant, collective, YES.

The Global Water Alliance is ready to take our partnerships and expertise to the next level. It is our aim to increase the number of countries impacted with appropriate MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning tools), increase the number of functional partnerships and further program integration. We are ready to take our work to scale.

Let us forge ahead. Let us be proactive; because clean water is the foundation for all development.


Angelita Fasnacht-Cuellar
Global Water Alliance